2018 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan

Ford has always been a companion of law enforcement agencies when it comes to delivering quality police vehicles. The Company since 1950 is partnering with the US police department and alone holds 63% of the market share of the police vehicles in the US. Expectations have always been very high from the vehicles driven by policemen, they need to be fast, can go long on patrolling as well as hold all necessary types of equipment. However, in the era of hybrid vehicles, police vehicles also need an upgrade. For this purpose, Ford has introduced a 2018 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan. Holding full pursuit capabilities, this new hybrid sedan will be the first vehicle of its class. It is a purpose built vehicle with great fuel saving possibilities.

2018 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan Interior and Exterior

Ford has not revealed much information about the interior and exterior of the new Police Responder Sedan, it focused mainly on engine components. Few worth sharing details are as follows. All these vehicles will be equipped with the standard utensils requisite by the law enforcement agency. The front seats have slim bolsters with rugged cloth wrapping. The slim bolsters will help the policeman to sit comfortably with their duty belt. The back seats and floor are made with utilizing resistant vinyl. The rear of the front seats also has anti-stab plates.

2018 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan interior


Safety comes first when you talk about Police cars. Ford has also kept this in mind while designing the new 2018 Police Responder and the vehicle is able to meet the federal fuel system crash standards. Unlike the Ford Police Interceptors which was constructed for the 75 mph rear-impact crash test, this new Hybrid sedan is not that heavy or big as required to meet the above standard. Heavy duty suspension is added to the vehicle. For a spotlight, it also has a hole in the windscreen (a pre-drilled one) and the doors are bullet proof.

2018 Ford Police Responder Engine

Under the hood of this Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, you will find a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle efficient engine along with 1.4 kW superior lithium ion battery and an 88 kW electric motor. The powertrain has been adjusted by the Company so the car up till 60 mph will run on the battery mode only. The smart engine and battery pack and rough and tough structure have made it handle all the police pursuit in different conditions. The vehicle has passed all the police department endurance tests including power and speed and moves over hindrance like flooded intersections etc. The car will not only provide better fuel economy but also has reduced CO2 emission.

The mileage is yet to be disclosed, however, the latest research in hybrids of Ford department is set to provide 38 miles per gallon of EPA. As to power up the radios, systems, and lights the engine keeps running even in idle mode, which increases the fuel consumption. The Newest Ford sedan utilizes the lithium ion battery to power up the electric load while decreases the engine’s idle timing. This will eventually lead to less oil changing expense.

Price and Releasing date

The new Ford pilice car is going to be debuted in New York and Los Angeles. Vehicle’s selling will start in spring with delivery starting in the summer season. The price of this Hybrid Sedan has not been revealed yet.
With dynamic features, muscular structure and more importantly with low fuel economy this new hybrid sedan by Ford will be a good addition to the police vehicles’ lineup. And that’s not the end, there are 11 more hybrid cars going to launch by the Company in next five years.

2018 Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan photos

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