2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Review

Not many cars come with as much a complete package as the new Mustang does, coming from a generation of a Mustangs that began as far back as 1964, the sixth generation of this came with certain innovations such as the return of the four cylinders, the 6th generation Mustang also ushered in the 2.3 EcoBoost. However, feelers from insiders suggest that the all-new 2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible model will come with some radical improvements both within and outside aimed at giving the customers real value for their money. For instance, the new model comes with a new outlook on its fascia that seems to make the 2015 model look really old.

Also, the car cabin comes with some real upgrade especially in regards to the tech aspect. In addition to this, there is also some real improvement under its hood, the new hood area sees the addition of a revamped automatic transmission hence leaving the entry level engine behind. The remaining two units got power improvements. Another part of the car that witnessed some real change is the car chassis thus making the Ford Mustang 2018 the most catchy pony car made by Ford.

2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible

2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Exterior

The exterior of the 2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible comes with a real fascia upgrade, for instance, it comes with a real headlamp upgrade, the all-LED technology gains a grand entrance, and the headlamps also spot a new design. There is also a reversal of trend with the outer corners with an upward curve as against the normal downward curve, the turn indicator that was initially triangular was modified to become stripe like and moved to the lower parts of the LED lights. It also comes with a more visible lightening signature, whereas the inner LED daytime lights are retained. However, they are expected to be a little more angled and thicker as you approach the grille.

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As regards the grille, it is reported that it is new however feelers indicate that there is not much difference with the previous version. However, there is something new that cannot be contested, and that is the fact that this Auto industry innovation comes with a real change down below, a new trapezoidal opening was included thus substituting the large, dark fog lamp housings with aggressive, triangular cutouts and also vertical vents that are thin. It also comes with a remodeled lower engine hood along with new positions for the Vents.

However, the rear of the car shows some minor changes, although these changes are enough topic for discussion, first and foremost there has been a redesign of the tri-bar taillights, there is a replacement by the C-shaped bars of the moderately angled stripes that made out the cluster. Looks further down below shows an all new diffuser and a remodeled license plate recess. What all this means is that the all new 2018 Mustang GT looks quite aggressive from behind, this is capped by the fact that it comes with 3 new paint colors namely orange fury, Royal Crimson, and also the Kona blue, also it comes with 12 brand new wheel designs.

Ford Mustang GT Convertible 2018 Interior

The interior of the all-new 2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible comes with some touches here and there, first and foremost, it spots with hand stitched wrap with contrast stitching and padded knee bolsters, coupled with redesigned seats that come with new patterns and color variants. There is now aluminum finishing’s on the door handle, rings, and bezel departments. There is the addition of an improved Mustang badge at the instrument panel. There is also the introduction of new heated steering wheels to give options for the GT models and also the EcoBoost models.

2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible interior

Technical features

The technical department comes with some real changes, first and foremost, it comes with a 12 inches digital cluster, this certainly comes as a surprise to Ford followers as regards the size which is the biggest thus far, also, the customizable LCD can be modified with 3 separate views, each tallying with Sport, Normal, and Track modes. In addition to this, a new mode named MyMode permits further modification by recalling the car drivers favorite throttle settings as well as suspension and steering preferences. Also, the Ford SYNC connect along with FordPass is also something worth talking about for the Mustang. This optional app empowers the driver to start, unlock, lock and locate their rides using Smartphones. In conclusion, the v8 engine note witnesses the availability of a new valve exhaust.

Mustang Convertible 2018 Engine

There is going to be a departure from the 3.7 liter V6 thus replacing it with the 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine. This innovation is one that makes a whole lot of sense because both engine variants offer the same output in terms of horsepower. However, the EcoBoost offers a better result in terms of performance. This is one move that is sure to revolutionize the auto industry both now and in the future. Furthermore, the 2.3 liters four cylinder engine witness the addition of more torque for a greater level of acceleration, the level of change in this regard is not really clear yet but it should be further clarified as the date for its unveiling approaches.

Also, the 5.0 liter V8 engine comes with more power although there are no specifics in this regard, the car makers, however, have come out to state that the engine has been greatly improved and has revs much higher than any previous version, this innovation was achieved via Fords new dual fuel, high-pressure injection and low-pressure port fuel injection. By such awesome additions, Ford enthusiasts will be treated to improved fuel efficiency alongside low-end torque and high revs per minute power. Also, both engine options come with a real upgrade to handle the extra torque output. For instance, the V8 engine the manual gear transmission has been modified to come along with a twin disc clutch and a dual mass wheel for upgraded torque output capability as well as an increased modulation of the clutch.


As earlier speculated, there is an introduction of its new ten-speed auto transmission into the two engines, the spacing of the gear as well as the wide ratio span gives the give higher mean power output. As against the six-speed automatic, this new 10-speed transmission comes with more responsive time shifts, improved low-speed response and also greatly reduced friction loss. Also, the newly added gear box should enable both the EcoBoost and GT become faster.


The new 2018 Ford Mustang comes with new chassis in order to give it better handling, new shock absorbers were also included for better control when driving, there is also increased lateral stiffness at the back due to the new cross axis joint, there is also sharper response as a result of the new stabilizer bars. To cap it all off, the Mustang comes with the MagneRide damper technology via the performance package; this is known to optimize ride and handling. The MagneRide draws its rich history from a wide user base ranging from car makers such as the Ferrari, Chevrolet Corvette, and so many others.


Safety features

The Mustang Convertible 2018 safety features of this car may not be number one in the market but it sure does stand out in its own little way. For instance, it comes with front impact airbags both for the driver and the passenger at the front seat, it also comes with side-impact airbags for the seats at the front, just in case there is an accident and the car flips upside down, there is provision for overhead airbags in addition to these there is also the knee airbags. The new Mustang Convertible 2018 also comes with anti-lock car brakes, control for its stability, seat belt pre-tensioners. There is also the pre-collision assist with the ability to detect any pedestrian, distance alert and also quite important especially if you are dozing off on the wheels it comes with a lane departure technology, furthermore, there is the lane maintenance assist and also the Driver Alert System.

It should be noted that the Ford Mustang received top ratings from the NHTSA, securing five-star ratings in every possible aspect with the exception of the side barrier rating for back seat occupants and side pole barrier

Price and release date

A major price increase shouldn’t be expected although, the abandonment of the base V6 engine will certainly see the starting point been upped. To buttress this assertion there won’t be a sub 25,185 dollars because the new variant will start with the EcoBoost model. It is expected that the new GT line would begin from about 27,000 dollars however a choice of the EcoBoost Premium will cost you about 33,000 dollars, the GT line may start selling at about 34,000 dollars, the GT premium should cost about 38,000 dollars. The 2018 Ford Mustang is expected out on sale by the fall; production is expected to begin around early October thus giving credence to the fall release date.

2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible photos

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