2018 Ford F-250 Changes

After forty years of leading the competition, America’s most popular pickup truck is to be given another upgrade. The 2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup is set to receive a few refinements following its makeover in the 2017 version. The model which saw many people award it the title of “Truck of the Year”. But just how and where will Ford look to improve upon their class leader?

2018 Ford F-250

2018 Ford F-250 Changes, Exterior

The new bodywork of the 2017 F-250 drew a mixed reception from consumers upon its unveiling last year with the main criticism being that it looks too dainty. Ford restyled the F-250 to a look closer to the F-150 than any of its big brothers in the range and this loss of ruggedness, while superficial, was a bone of contention for some.

This new design is likely to remain largely intact with the dimensions remaining untouched, although a stronger, lighter body could well be introduced in place of the previous version.

A small amendment to the front grille will provide a more refined yet simplistic look in the overall appeal of the vehicle while the C-shaped headlights (and taillights) will also receive a makeover to provide a much sleeker and more modern appearance.

The 2018 version of the F-150 also provides a glimpse into the new set of wheels that will feature on the F-250, with a redesigned chrome-look that still keeps them sized between the existing range of seventeen to twenty-two inches.

While these changes are minimal in their individual aspects, the combined effect has changed the overall tone of the vehicle to produce a more bullish aura around the F-250 and although it’s nothing revolutionary, it is a small step back towards the imposing impression which the pickup is more famed for.

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Ford F-250 2018 Interior

Again we can look towards the 2018 edition of the F-150 to provide clues as to what changes Ford will employ inside the cab. The inclusion of a newly designed Bang and Olufsen audio system is widely anticipated, providing a sleek, luxurious look as well as a greatly improved amount of quality to the previous sound system.

With the interior trim of the 2018 Ford F-250 still set to be available in five levels, from the XL to the Platinum option, further flourishes of comfort could be added to move the overall feeling towards that of the SUV’s Ford are already producing. While comfort is not always high on the list of requirements within a large section of the target market for this pickup, it will no doubt be welcomed with open arms. Likewise, an increased range of driving aids from additional lane-departure warning systems and blind-spot cameras that increase visibility when towing large trailers will also be warmly received.

2018 Ford F-250 interior


While Ford remains tight-lipped as to what they plan to change with regards to the drivetrain, it has become widely expected that an upgraded engine could well see its way into the new release. A new Diesel-engined option should be the headline announcement in their revised range, with a possibility of further revisions to their current 6.2-liter and 6.7-liter V8 engines not being ruled out.

As these beasts are already capable of delivering huge amounts of power and torque, the tweaks may come in the form of a size reduction rather than a power increase, with the 385 / 440 hp and 430 / 925 lb-ft. unlikely to be changed to any great extent and a similar level of pulling power, therefore, to keep it ahead of the competition.

One likely change to the drive setup will see the cruise control features incorporate the new stop and go adaptive cruise technology to improve the safety level of this feature. With Ford already improving their anti-collision systems to detect pedestrians as well as larger objects, this new system seems almost a certainty to be included in the updated model.

Price and release data

No official word has been received yet as to the release date or price expected of the new 2018 F-250 Super Duty pickup, however, an announcement appears to be imminent which will schedule the launch for a date at the end of this year.

With regards to the price point, a small increase on the base price of the current $40,000 MSRP can be expected but without any major overhauls in the design or production expected, Ford will be unlikely to hike this too much higher.

With the 2018 Ford F-250 Super Duty, Ford will again out-muscle the opposition and keep them at arm’s length as far as performance and reliability are concerned, the two most important factors with this type of vehicle. Already achieving increasing growth in sales figures, it’s clear that Ford does not have to change too much with this revision but the small upgrades look set to keep this full-size, heavy-duty pickup truck at the top of the sales charts for the foreseeable future.

2018 Ford F-250 photos

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