2019 Ford Focus Sedan

The Focus range is one of Fords highest selling models of all time and this is certainly not far-fetched. Among other reasons, it comes with the best chassis in its own category, in other words, it is a total package that gives you real value for your money. However, in spite of all the attributes mentioned and not, the brand is becoming less competitive due to a little shortcoming here and there. The need for a new and improved version birthed the 2019 Ford Focus Sedan. This new innovation is expected to be a near-total departure from the norm that is obtainable in the present generation of cars. It is expected to come in a larger frame, lower weight, greater efficiency, The all-new 2019 Focus Sedan is expected to give brands such as the Chevrolet Cruze, Honda Civic as well as the Volkswagen Gulf a good run for their money. This may yet be the car that establishes the dominance of Ford in the Sedan market world over.

Although there seems to be not much as regards information pertaining the new Ford Sedan, however, wheelbase testing to note that certain features should be expected to make it look and perform differently. For instance, it is expected that it would come with longer wheelbase; also, it is expected to be wider than the current generation. Also, bits gotten from the prototype of the car indicates that it should come in a lower frame which may indicate that it may come in a more rugged outlook. Also, it may come back with the independent setup of its suspension. Also, there should be an expected price increment.

2019 Ford Focus Sedan Changes, Exterior

The new Ford Focus Sedan 2019 from scoops of its prototype is expected to have some resemblance to the new Ford Fiesta. For instance, the grille is expected to be quite thinner when compared to the existing model, also, the headlights are expected to be quite bigger. Another area of the car that is worthy of note is the car hood which is expected to be on the lower side when compared with its predecessor, also, the lower bumper is expected to look a little bit like the current Ford Fiesta. To protect its passengers during the side collision, Ford team in the door intrusion beams has used boron steel, to bear the shock in case if there is the crash possibility.

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Another aspect of the car that looks a little bit like the Fiesta is the car profile; it comes with a coupe-like roofing pattern. There is also a touch of modernization at the back of the car. Another thing is that the windows behind appear to be quite smaller even though the tailgate is on the wide side, also there is a touch of sportiness when it comes to the roof spoilers.

2019 Ford Focus Sedan

Ford Focus Sedan 2019 Interior

The dashboard yet again has some semblance to the new Ford Fiesta. Also, the cars infotainment segment comes with a change with the screen installed on the high side of the dashboard, furthermore, the center stack features smaller volume of buttons. The new Focus Sedan will be equipped with USB ports, so the passengers can easily charge their devices while enjoying music. Also, expect some more comfort due to positive innovations in the fabric used. Also, the larger wheelbase ought to give passengers larger room thus increasing comfort.

Just like its previous model we can expect this new variant will also have SYNC 3 feature with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility and the latest 8-inch / 20 com color touchscreen.
The similarities across the board could simply mean that Ford is trying to make their products have similar designs on the inside and also on the outside. It is however expected that the 2019 Focus Sedan should be an improvement upon the Fiesta owing to the fact that it ought to be more expensive.

2019 Ford Focus Sedan interior

Safety features

Although there are very fewer details to discuss regarding the safety features of the next-gen Ford Focus Sedan, as the car was quite camouflaged and it was difficult to see what new features are hidden inside. However, keeping in mind its predecessor, we can expect the new sedan will borrow the same features including some additional ones. Some features to be expected in the new Focus Sedan are:
• Front airbags
• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Evasive Steering Assist
• Side and overhead airbags
• Adaptive Front Lighting System
• Antilock brakes
• Active Park Assist
• Stability control
• Speed Sign Recognition and Lane-Centering
• Blind Spot Monitoring
• Lane Keeping Assist
• Sensor with a camera
• Rear view camera
• Push button start


The new 2019 Ford Focus Sedan is expected to come with a 160 horsepower 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine while also incorporating the 1-liter engine that also comes with a 3 cylinder EcoBoost platform that is coupled to a 123-140 horsepower output, also it should come with a 160 lb-ft of torque. Also, it shouldn’t be a surprise to car enthusiast if the brands all new 1.5 liters 3 cylinder engine is introduced. It should be noted that this engine has been made known for the Ford Fiesta ST where it is expected to give up to 197 horsepower output.

However, its Focus version is expected to give a little less in this regard while also offering optimum Torque. The two latter engines mentioned earlier are expected to come with a standard 6-speed manual engine system while an 8-speed option should be expected for the automatic. With these interesting features, the 2019 Ford Focus Sedan Engine is expected to be superior to the new Civic for example.

Price and Release Date

Although one cannot exactly pinpoint the exact date of release of the all-new model of Ford Focus Sedan, permutations in this regard indicates that it is likely to be released between the latter part of the year 2017 with complete readiness expected in the middle of 2018. As regards the price of the car, it is expected to be within the range of $17,000 to $18,000 which is not a bad deal for a car of this quality.

2019 Focus Sedan photos (official):

2019 Ford Focus Sedan spy shots

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