2018 Ford Edge SEL Sport Appearance Package

The 2018 Ford Edge SEL Sport Appearance Package new luxury SUV will further blur the already hazy line between comfort, function, and fashion by incorporating a sports option into their existing range. Revealed at the Dallas Motor Show in March of this year, the new sports package will provide Ford’s flagship SUV with a combination of sport and luxury, a blend which many before them have previously failed to deliver. We look at the key features in this package that Ford hopes will prove this mix can be successfully achieved.

2018 Ford Edge SEL Sport Appearance Package

2018 Ford Edge SEL Sport Appearance Package Redesign, Engine

Available with either the standard, four-cylinder, 2.0-liter EcoBoost or the 3.5-liter V6 powered variation of the Edge, the SEL Sport Appearance Package will highlight several of the external features with a magnetic, metallic paint finish. This will include the grille surround, the mirror caps, and a rear spoiler as well as the both ends of skid plates.

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This serves to subtly accentuate the sporty flavors of the design without it appearing overly garish or out of place. Further to this, Blacked-out side window trims and headlamp bezels will complete the stylish look along with a uniquely tailored set of 19” wheels that also come in a metallic finish.

Ford Edge SEL Sport Appearance Package 2018 Interior

The main talking point in this release has been Ford’s use of cloth to fit out the soft furnishing within the interior. The gray-colored material seat covers are embellished with light brown suede cushions and a splash of color on the back of the headrest to provide a striking two-tone look that matches with the copper-tinged dashboard and the darker tones throughout the rest of the interior.

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The decision to include a cloth-based interior is being explained by Ford as a result of customer feedback which has bemoaned the use of leather interiors in locations which suffer from high temperatures. While this may have been a clever marketing move with the announcement being made in Dallas which is greatly affected by heat during the summer months, this would not be the first occasion that Ford has been proactive in addressing customer issues from previous models.

2018 Ford Edge Interior


Touting the new package as a combination of technology and comfort, Ford has also stepped up the gadgets which are on offer with this setup. Centered around the Sync 3 infotainment system, you will receive a rearview camera, blind spot monitoring and parking sensors along with an improved audio system that allows Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to easily connect with.

There’s also the addition of Ford’s automated system to close the trunk, the hands-free liftgate, and the obligatory roof rack rails to help you transport your sports equipment. While this package may not contain anything new and groundbreaking, what it does offer is a good assortment of gadgets for a modern car.

Price and release data

The 2018 Ford Edge SEL Sport Appearance Package will be available with the latest Ford Edge 2018 release date’s, in the third quarter of this year, although a specific date is yet to be scheduled. The price, however, has been suggested to retail from $1,295 although individual retailers may offer variations around this mark.

From the poor sales figures of ten years ago, Ford has now transformed the destiny of this product line with a series of significant improvements over recent years. The release of a new sports styling is yet another innovation which they’re using to try and breathe further life into their luxury SUV.

Only time will tell if this move further strengthens the brand as taste is subjective but the proof will show in the sales figures as to what customers truly think of this option.

2018 Ford Edge SEL Sport Appearance Package photos

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