2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon

The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is a family version of the Ford Transit Connect. This model was built keeping European sensibilities in mind, which means they look to maximize the usability of the space and easy to drive. It makes it ideal for all scenarios, urban, suburban or rural. Great for the soccer mom who wants a vehicle to accommodate her family and yet be great for a girls’ night out.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon

Ford Transit Connect Wagon 2019 Interior

The cabin is spacious and the Transit van has incorporated inspiration from the new designs Ford has been using for a while. The interior has been revamped, with more padding the first two rows of the vehicle. The Instrument display has been updated and made sleeker than ever. There is a host of new features regarding safety and convenience, with newly automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, monitoring systems for blind spots, even an alert system for rear traffic while backing out. Let us not forget the standard 4G LTE connection that allows for the vehicle to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for multiple devices; do we all not need something like that in this day and age?

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The new dash shows an “in/out” 6.5-inch screen that supports the latest connectivity (SYNC3) with personal assistant functions. There are wireless charging ports as well. The rear has controls for temperature and fan independent of the front. There is also forward collision warning as well, lane assist, besides the automatic emergency braking. Thus this is a great option for new drivers as well, later more about safety.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon interior

2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon Exteriors

New lighting for the front of the new Ford Connect Wagon has HID headlamps with all the bells and whistles. The rear suspension has revised geometry. The other changes of note are the brake pads which improve resistance without affecting other variables. The entire front of the vehicle has new lines, keeping in tune with the new designs. There are reinforcements in the structure that are meant to help with small bumps and scrapes.
This wagon will have towing capability of 2,000 pounds. This van is for seven-passengers.


There is an automatic 2.0 L direct injection, flex fuel four-cylinder engine, the one to be interested in is the 1.5 L turbo-diesel. Both engines will get 8-speed automatic transmission. The other features are a variable nozzle turbine that works on its turbo, the inclusion of an electronics for temperature control that maintains greater engine temperatures to allow for the oil to thin out leading to lower friction. For saving energy at lower speeds or idling there are a variable displacement oil pump and low friction coatings spread out through the engines.

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There is also an intercooler and an oil pan made of structural plastic that increases the capacity of the sump and helps with noise reduction. The new engine has been upgraded and now boasts of dual overhead cams, and it can provide 5 injections per cycle to smooth the engine’s operation. It can be found in gas models and well as the diesel. The diesel engine is expected to get a really high EPA rating, making it eco-friendly with the estimated rating of 30 mpg highway. The estimated value of 200 lb-ft of torque and around 110-120 ponies will ensure that there is enough power generated.

Safety with the suite of driver-assist technologies:
– Automatic Emergency Braking,
– Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection,
– Adaptive Cruise Control,
– Blind Spot Detection System (opt.),
– Cross-Traffic Alert (opt.),
– Lane Keeping System.

Price and Release Date

With prices starting at $ 31,499, the 2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon release date will be due the fall of 2018. There will be offered in three different trim options XL, XLT and Titanium. This is something that customers are looking forward to given the success of the 2018 models.

2019 Ford Transit Connect Wagon photos

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