2019 Lincoln Aviator Concept

The Lincoln motor company has finally unveiled its plans to build a new mid-size SUV two days before the 2018 New York auto show. As the fan of all Lincoln SUV models, I couldn’t wait to see the latest luxury concept photos from Ford’s branch. The 2019 Lincoln Aviator Concept is close to production and is destined to be the company’s fourth crossover SUV. The car will be built on a brand new RWD platform and will be offered as either plug-in hybrid or gasoline model.

2019 Lincoln Aviator Concept

2019 Lincoln Aviator Concept Exterior

The exterior design of this vehicle includes a grille at the front, diminishing tail, and unique aerofoil body analogy. The car’s signature grille is rendered in chrome accents and shiny black color.

The car is being built on a new platform that is the same as the latest Explorer. Some of the features included in this platform are meant to entice upscale consumers. The car presents an in-flight gesture in which discerning lines trail downward in the direction of the rear.

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Lincoln Design Manager David Woodhouse said: “If you look at a bird or plane in flight, the wing is always at an angle to the air and falling downward toward the rear,” he says. “You see that in the main bodyline of Aviator. From the headlight to the taillight, there’s a beautiful undercut feature varying in depth that connotes poise and grace.” This feature signifies the elegance and gracefulness presented by this luxury SUV. The side body panels present a conspicuous curve that appends some depth to car based on one’s perspective.

Lincoln Aviator Concept 2019 Interior

The luxury looks of the 2019 Lincoln Aviator car will continue manifesting in its interior design. One of the key features that will stand out for this car is the Lincoln-Way app. This app will make it possible to enter the car using your smartphone. Using the phone as a key technology will be one of the leading systems in the industry. It will enable you to lock, unlock, and open the car’s trunk. The other amenities that you will enjoy with the phone as a key feature include recalling personal profile and finding your car in a parking lot.

2019 Lincoln Aviator Concept interior

There is a standard keypad for entering the backup passcode just in case your phone battery dies. The included touchscreen would enable you to start the car and drive the car. It will also enable you to delete the phone as key in case your phone gets stolen. The cabin is spacious enough and includes a well-designed steering wheel and easy to use controls. There will be 30 different ways to adjust the seats to get a perfect seating position.


This SUV will be created on an RWD platform, which is a bit unexpectable, not to have AWD options, however, it is the concept… It is expected to use a 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine. The horsepower capabilities for this car will be in the region of 375 hp while its torque would be close to 470 lb-ft.

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The engine gets the brand new hybrid technology. It brings power and electrical capability that makes the car one of the most serene, peaceful, and powerful drivetrains on the market. Furthermore, the car comes with a set of advanced technologies that are meant to give you a smoother ride.


There will be automatic emergency brakes, lane keep system, blind spot monitors, and a reverse camera. A suspension preview technology will make it possible for the car to scan the road and adjust the suspension accordingly. This minimizes the stress suffered by drivers in bumpy roads and pothole conditions.

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Price and release date

This car is so far a concept but is expected to be launched somewhere in 2019. The price of this car is expected to fall within the $55,000 region.

2019 Lincoln Aviator photos

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