2019 Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Review

The various models and upgrades of Lincoln Continental are awaited with bated breath because of some emotional reasons. The first Coach Doors Edition which hit the roads quite some back it a tribute to the famous fourth generation Continent. It is the car which was witness to the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. Hence, when we talk about the 2019 Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary it certainly does raise expectations and hopes. However, not much information is known about it and so we will have to go by hearsays and grapevine discussions about the upcoming model.

2019 Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary

2019 Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary 2019 Interiors

The Suicide Doors will certainly be the talk of the town when the 2019 version starts moving in the market. Apart from the doors, the interior will also have quite a few things to expect. It might come with the standard trim (black label). It also will have the best of upholstery and many other features which look quite exciting. The seats will be designed and built to offer comfort. Referred to as Perfect Position seats they can be adjusted around 30 ways. The noise control features will also get a fillip ensuring quieter interiors. The Revel Ultima Audio system will certainly be a bad-upaway. The head-up display will ensure that it will remain visible even when there is a need to drive with polarized sunglasses and ambient lighting environments.

2019 Lincoln Continental Interior

2019 Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Exteriors And Design Features

As far as the exteriors are concerned the 80th-anniversary version of 2019 Lincoln Continental has quite a few things to offer. The doors are rear-hinged and they will most certainly provide easy entrance and exit especially for the rear seat passengers. The design of the C-Pillar will most probably remain the same and this is in spite of some changes expected in the quarter windows. The inches gained have been devoted to the roof and the rear window still continues to look sleek as it was.

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The handles are the same as the standard Continental, but it would be most probably moved to the bottom of the B-pillar. The front door handles will also be moved a few inches back. All these changes are being done because the manufacturer wants to pay tribute to the 1961 version. The Lincoln Coach Door edition is a bit bigger than the regular sedan, length is 207.4 in. while the wheelbase is 6 in. longer.

Engine And Power

Now let us try and have a look at the most important aspect of the vehicle. Yes, we will be talking about the engine and power generation expected from this model. It will be powered by the V6 engine, 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged and it will most probably be able to generate an impressive horsepower of 400 and torque of 400 lb.-ft. Hence it will be able to easily move through city traffic quite easily. When it comes to highways and even mountainous terrain, the vehicle will have enough power to lap up distance and negotiate climb ups and down quite effortlessly.

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Price And Release Date

There is nothing much known about the exact release date. However, it is expected that it will be marketed sometime during early summer of 2019. The price is also being kept under wraps but it is believed that the base model should be around $72.000. But the proof of the pudding lies in eating.

2019 Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary photos

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