2021 Ford Ecosport (Spied)

The car market is abuzz with the new variant of new 2021 Ford Ecosport getting ready for launch. Though the launch date is a couple of years away, there are already a few Ecosport (spied) images and reviews that are creating excitement amongst car lovers. For American customers, Ford Ecosport might be new but it is not so for car lovers in Europe and other countries. The first prototype was spotted way back in 2012 and it did resemble the Fiesta type small SUV. Hence, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the exterior, interior, and engine configurations. However, these are still just guesswork and based on inputs from the rumor mills.

2021 Ford Ecosport

2021 Ford Ecosport Redesign, Exterior

The overall platform may not change too much when compared to the old EcoSport. Ford did not launch this earlier version in the USA because of various reasons. Therefore, the new model is expected to continue with the old design and appearance as far as the exteriors are concerned. It will most certainly have an improved body material and this will improve the crashworthiness quite a bit. The headlights are likely to sit higher and the body would most likely be quite streamlined. It will sport a modern look and technology also is likely to be slightly better. Finally, this small SUV will most probably feature a Sportsback-style trunk and a sloped roof is one more expectation from this new entry.

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2021 Ecosport spied

Ford Ecosport 2021 Interior

The interior of the car is still not very clear but there are reasons to believe that it should be similar to the 2012 model. However, the customers can expect the ergonomics to be better and you can expect additional features like adaptive cruise control and park assist will be available from the start. It will not be an afterthought as many people believe it to be.

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The engine would most probably be the same as the previous model. It will most likely have a 1.05 liter EcoBoost engine. You can expect it to have an output in the range of 85 HP to 140 HP. A diesel version is also expected with a 1.5-liter engine (EcoBlue Turbo) and this is expected to offer a power ranging from 100 to 120 HP. However, you may not see a battery version too soon.

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Price And Launch Date

The launch date again is all guesswork and it is expected to hit the roads around the last quarter of 2020. The price of the basic model should be around $19,000.

2021 Ford Ecosport spy photos

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